Access Home Health Care, LLC.

Our Services

The services Access Home Health Care, LLC. provide are based on the diagnosis of the patient to identify and coordinate compassionate and quality medical care specific to the patient's needs, while in the comfort of their own home.

The restorative methods, tools and procedures we employ aid in the patient's recovery; returning  them to their normal pattern of living as quickly as possible. Services include:

1. Post hospital care: After being discharged from the hospital, patients may need additional care and medical attention.
2. Injuries or illnesses that do not require hospitalization but still require medical attention.
3. Therapy or treatment following a surgery, stroke, or heart attack.
4. IV Infusion.
5. Medication Management.
6. Administration of Injections.
7. Assessment of neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal status.
8. Wound Care.
9. Respiratory Care.
10. Post-Surgery Care.
11. Foley Catheter Care.
12. Ostomy and Urinary Catheter Care.
13. G-tube Care.
14. PT/INR monitoring.
15. Diabetic Teaching and Management.
16. Health Teaching and Counseling. 

The patient will be contact within hour after referral.
Access Home Health Care, LLC.
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