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Skilled Nursing:
Registered Nurses will work with patients in terms of disease management, cardiac care and IV therapy.
The assigned registered nurse will be responsible for teaching the patient about their medication, treatment, and modifications with regard to their illness.

Wound Care:
Treatment of Surgical wound, open sounds, burns, , Pressure ulcers, and Decubitus ulcers

Certified Home Health Aide:
Home Health Aides will assist with personal care and support the general care plan for each patient.

Medical Social Work:
Medical Social Workers will be available to assist with financial and community resources or emotional needs by offering guidance to the patient and family.

Physical Therapy:
Physical Therapist will strive to restore and preserve a patient's ability to move about  safely and independently.

Occupational Therapy:
Occupational Therapists will work to help guide and instruct the patient in caring themselves, to restore daily living skills and independent function.

Speech Therapy:
Speech Pathologists will help in the recovery of swallowing and communication skills.

AHHC will arrange the Pharmacies for the patient.

Laboratory Services:
AHHC provides the Laboratory Services for blood draw and laboratory specimen collection as needed by physician order.

Mobile Radiology and Ultrasound:
AHHC will provide mobile radiology, EKG, and ultrasound services.

Durable Medical Equipment:
To meet special needs of the patient; AHHC will arrange the service for Wheelchair, Hospital Beds, Commodes, Crutches, Walker, Braces, Oxygen Concentrator, and other Equipment.

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